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Thread: New shoot (in progress)

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    New shoot (in progress)

    Hi all,

    I'm billy I live in salisbury been into shooting and hunting since I was 9 but up until now I've only use air rifle for general pest control but have now decided to take the plunge, im not yet a FAC holder as I have only just sent it off, hence the "in progress" but the caliber a I have put in for are .22lr and .17HMR (baby's compared to the stuff you all use I'm guessing), I was thinking of asking the FEO on possibly putting .223 on aswell. The sort of shooting I'm into is more after the smaller stuff like rabbits and hopefully foxes soon, I would love to get into long range shooting so if any of you on here do it any help would be appreciated

    thank you

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    welcome to the SD , you will find out more have .22/17hmr than you know, shot more fox's with the .22 than the big stuff , join a club to get hands on the long range stuff as it will pay off in the long run
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    Welcome to the site! I'm new to the sport as well and have found this site to be supremely welcoming and helpful!

    In terms of long range shooting, I shoot up to 1000 yds .308 target rifle at Bisley in Surrey. If you're keen to get into the target rifle side of things ping me a PM and I can give you some pointers about how I did it.

    Theres also the added help that a lot of clubs have their own rifles so you dont need to fork out a huge sum of money right away (unless you want to anyway!). A custom made fullbore TR rifle can be north of three grand, so the kit can get very pricey very quickly there.

    All the best,


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi and welcome, as has been said before joining a club can help a lot. Its nice to be with like minded individuals, and shooting becomes very addictive. So buy the biggest cabinet you can afford, you will soon fill it.

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    Hi Billy,
    I live near Salisbury (Bratton), and indeed fish all around Salisbury on the chalkstreams, I have .22, .22hornet and also 25-06 calibres so if you fancy trying any of them before you commit to buy just pm me,Good luck,Tom

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