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Thread: Congrats to Nielaj

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    Congrats to Nielaj

    Received good news earlier this week that Nielaj has achieved Level Two after enduring many frustrations and delays - and none of them of his own making or deserving.

    I was his AW for his third and final ICR and I observed good preparation, good stalking skills and a good outcome.

    At the risk of causing his blushes, here's an extract from my witness narrative:

    "...candidate told me that it was an immature muntjac doe and that he intended to shoot it. It was a good decision, quickly made, and followed up by a rapidly-taken and perfectly executed heart/lung shot, demonstrating that his marksmanship enables him to capitalise on the opportunities he creates with his high standard of field craft."

    Nielaj, your Level Two is well deserved. Well done chap!
    KevinF -

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    Well done Alex you deserve it mate.


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    Thank you very much for the mention Kevin it is much appreciated...

    Also thank you to Rich and Dave for your comments...

    It was a bit of a protracted ordeal however the end result is as wished for and has made me extremely happy...

    I must also say thanks again to Kevin for his guidance and time in helping me overcome some of the issues that i encountered along the way...



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    Well done Alex never met a more deserving candidate
    Anglo deer management and training
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    Well done Alex, good effort!

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    Id also like to add my congratulations..

    Well done Alex.. and Kevin

    I like many others on the SD site have had the great pleasure of being out stalking the deer with Alex and hes a Top Man..

    Well done mate.. made up for you

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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