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Thread: Mountain top / sports deck/ tonne cover for hilux or other pick up etc

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    Mountain top / sports deck/ tonne cover for hilux or other pick up etc

    Hi, I have for sale one of these the same as with the info shown below. I got it when I bought my truck new and it was used for about 2 weeks until my hard top arrived. Perfect working order, a few minor blemishes from storage in my barn.

    New price reduction now of £550 Ono

    No warranty is implied or given, although there is nothing much that could ever be wrong with one of these. Brilliant water tight and strong addition to any hilux. Can be lifted off and re fitted in under a couple of minuets. I haven't checked but I'm sure it will fit other makes of vehicle too.

    Kind regards, Olaf

    Mountain Top Aluminium Hard Tonneau Cover with Cargo Rail - Toyota Hilux Double Cab
    The original and best Hilux Mountain Top tonneau cover for Hilux. Lifting up on gas struts, 100kg can be loaded on top.


    Product Description

    Fits Vehicle:

    Toyota Hilux Double Cab Mk.6 2005+ /2012+
    4 door vehicle, no ladder rack, bed length: 1520 mm.


    3 Year Warranty from Up-Country-Mountain Top
    Original Mountain Top Aluminium flat hard Tonneau Cover is a highly functional pick-up bed cover.
    Cargo weighing up to 100 kgs can be secured on the top of the cover
    Aluminium construction guarantees longer product life
    Easily mounted without major changes to the vehicles construction
    Detaches easily without the use of tools, within 60 seconds
    The cover creates an aerodynamic vehicle and helps save petrol
    Easy opening - assisted by two powerful gas struts
    Truck bed accessible from all sides
    Fully lockable - sturdy key lock with two keys provided Internal safety release handle
    Locks down on two catches, one in each rear corner
    Fully adjustable locking catches to maintain a close weather proof seal
    Better visability as it does not block rear view for the driver
    Cargo is secure and stored out of view
    Manufactured in the EU
    Fully approved product with TÜV and ABE approvals
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    Just my luck, I bought one two weeks ago booked in to be fitted on Monday.......
    Good luck with the sale Olaf

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    Quote Originally Posted by FreshFace View Post
    Just my luck, I bought one two weeks ago booked in to be fitted on Monday.......
    Good luck with the sale Olaf
    Sorry to hear that, they are super things though, you won't regret it and they really cut down on your fuel consumption when compared to having an open tub on the back.
    You could save yourself some money and fit it yourself, you only need 2 spanners and someone to lift the lid into place. It's about a 30 min job. Feel free to contact me if you need some advice on how to do it.
    Whats really good about them is that they will take a load weight of 100kg so you can load up and still lean into the back of the tub area or stand on the back of the truck with the lid closed and it is then great for shooting off etc. to take the lid off once it's been fitted all you have to do is take 2 pin clips out to free the piston supports and it then lifts off with two people. You can take them off or put them back on in under a couple of mins.

    Kind regards, Olaf
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    Hi Olaf. Do you still have your Mountain Top cover for sale? If so, I notice from your ad that it says Sports deck, but the lid pictured has a cargo rail. Is the rail on the top of the lid square as in the picture, or are there just two parallel rails running along the length of the lid - aka "sports rails"? Also, does the hinge plate have cutouts for a ladder rack or is it for use with a Hilux without a ladder rack? Thanks

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    Just noticed that I've still got this stood in the barn. I have no need for it and it deserves to be used as its a great item for those looking for a flexible solution to the load space of their truck. It's still up for sale so anyone interested, just pm me and I will get back to you asap ��

    Kind regards, Olaf

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    hi, is this still for sale please, if so where is it located. Many thanks Neil

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