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Thread: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 petrol?

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    Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 petrol?

    Anyone run one of these as a shooting vehicle?
    I'm fed up with my Discovery td5. Its very good off road but otherwise its like owning a badly built British Leyland car. Bits fall off in your hand, it leaks, the lights fill up with water, there are too many annoying and superfluous electrical gimmicks which beep and ping, sound the horn and turn lights on when you least need it; you have to push the key fob three times to get all the bloody doors open and its isn't very good for shooting, especially vermin shooting where snap shots from the vehicle are often required because there's no elbow room and you're just too hemmed in.

    I'm thinking about the Grand Vitara. The diesel is cheaper to run but as I do barely 5K a year in my 4X4 that's less of an issue. The 2.L petrol is cheaper to buy and it seems you can get a lot of car for the money. I know they're pretty good off-road, though obviously I don't expect it to be in the same league as the Discovery. But can you get decent off-road/over-sized tyres for the Vitaras? How good is the ground clearance and has the petrol engine got enough grunt off-road?
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    You'll be fine with one, unless you have been running big chunky tires on the disco because the ground needs them, the vitara will be plenty good enough, the petrol engines are smooth and quiet too.
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    Good cars, will go places your disco won't.

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    The new style I don't know..Im interested to know

    The old style pre 2005 has low gear ratio and selectable 4WD
    1.6 petrol is OK . Very Good off road. OK on road but not so good on sharp bends

    the short wheel base is very handy in the woods but has limited boot space,
    most of us fold the back seats down. there is a longer wheel base 5 door.

    tyres are critical in the mud, I'm using YOKOHAMA GEOLANDER A/T

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    You can get a lift kit on eBay, easy to fit to give you a bit more clearance, tyres are a doodle too, the petrol will be a tad heavier on fuel than the diesel but you gain stealth,

    I have the 2002 2lt diesel and with normal tyres and auto front difflock, it has yet to let me down, I think I have had 7 vits now and if I had he funds I would have the new shape from mine,

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    I had a 2 ltr 55 plate petrol 5 door Grand Vitara and was a cracking wee motor.

    Often regret selling it but we were needing to change the wife car and running 3 motors between the 2 of use we decided to replace her car and the Vitara with a new Dacia Dustcart. Its a decent car too and getting 45-50 mpg from the diesel is a lot better than the 30 mpg Suzi did.

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    Had a look at one today. 2L 2005 5 door. One owner low miles just under 4K. Nice little car. Bit of surface orange starting round the engine bay but no damage done yet. First job would be a full Waxoyl treatment.
    First impression, as always seems to be the case with Japanese 4X4s, (except Fourtraks) was how thin, light and insubstantial everything feels next to the workhorse, heavyweight Discovery.
    I can look after the bodywork and cosset the engine but how do steering/suspension/axles bushes/bearings/linkages/stuff etc fare with regular off-road use? In its favour the Disco is built like a tractor and it ploughs furrows and bounces across ruts without breaking things.
    Is the Vit's running gear fragile?

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    The old LJ's and SJ's were bomb proof, mechanically like little land rovers. Vitara's are nowhere near that. Check out the 4x4 competitions, none or very few vitara's. I trialled an SJ for years, only broke one diff and one cv and that was putting 135bhp through them.

    They'll take gentle off roading no problem, assuming the indpendant front end doesn't ground you out, but push it and you'll break it.

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    I run a 2003 2.0l petrol GV 5 door,had a 1.6 3 door before it,i found that although it went anywhere I needed it to,the wishbone ball joints tend to be a weak spot,you have to buy the full wishbone as the ball joints are captive so you cant just buy that bit ,other than that,id definitely have another,mines running on insa turbo dakars and im still doing 30 mpg,great cars and very capable and I think underrated.
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    Given SD has a plethora of folk that now about 4WD vehicles....I've been given a Grand Vitara as a loan vehicle, I'm assuming it's the 2.0 version (it's petrol!), but there is no owner manual. Can I check what the select switch does please. 4WD lock, high low all make sense, I assume N means 2WD?

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