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Thread: Gralloch /butchery course

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    Gralloch /butchery course

    Hi guys. I can't help but feel I don't use the carcass to its full potential , does anyone know of any butchery courses going in Central Scotland ?

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    Hi SS
    I would speak to your local butcher, he will show you how to joint the carcass and then ie breaking the haunch into the finer cuts,
    By separating the muscle groups then using stretchy loops place one every 3/4" approx until roast is tied or just cut into steaks.
    Looks very professional and easy to do.

    Cheers Aye

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    I recall there being a number of pig butchery courses around - ok not a deer, but the principles will be the same. Try googling - just did and the top of the list was Pig butchery at Sunnyside Farm, Dumfriesshire. | The Foodie Bugle

    and Butchery Courses | THE EMPIRE FARM - the later does venison and game preparation as well.

    There are also some very good videos on YouTube,

    And CSL did a good pictorial on this very forum a couple of years ago. Have a look in the cookery section.

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    Ive done a few butchery courses mainly for Pigs including one a few years ago at empire farm linked above was very good as we kept the half pig we cut up as part of the course

    this vid seems ot cover it fairly well at a certain level for a roe

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    BASC also do a carcass and butchery course which they run in a variety of locations.

    Carcass and Butchery Course | The British Association for Shooting and Conservation

    I spoke to their training person a few days ago and they're putting the dates for next years courses up in a few months so there should be some more dates up soon!

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    try the scott rea project on u tube its excellent

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    Plenty on youtube

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