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Thread: Looking for a binocular guard

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    Looking for a binocular guard

    I have Swarovski EL binoculars which are in the process of being serviced as they have taken a few knocks over the years. Now looking to have better protection for them but can't find anything suitable. I'm looking for a system that covers both the ocular and objective lenses plus the body which allows the bino's to be deployed quickly.

    Any suggestions?


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    Thank you for the responses.


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    Try one of these.
    Good value. Good product.
    I have nothing to do with this company, just a happy customer

    Monarch Bino Jacket

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    Thanks for the pointer to the Monarch product. I have ordered one on the basis that it looks just the thing I want plus the price is really good compared to others the market.


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    Can agree with Vipa, bought kuiu case for my Leica geovids last week, very good quality/build

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    Is there a uk dealer for Kuiu
    Regards - Twts

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