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    Ive very reluctantly decided to sell my .20BR - I have spent a lot of time and money on this rifle, all the hard work has been done in terms of load development and spending money, it is a very good/accurate long range varmint rifle. The rifle shoots both 55gr Bergers Varmint Match and 39gr Sierra Blitzkings equally as well and I can forward load data to the buyer. Both loads have shot 1/4" three shot groups more then enough times for me to know the rifle is a good one, my shooting buddy has done the same. It has also shot 1/2" at 200yds which although never repeated is far more to do with me than the rifle. The drift and drop figures for the 55r Bergers are very impressive with half the wind drift of a .223 shooting 55gr bullets. The magazine is the standard floor plate and it cycles as a repeater perfectly.

    The spec is as follows;

    Remington 700 action - 'c' prefix.
    26" Walther 9" twist stainless barrel threaded 14x1.
    Third Eye Tactical 10 MOA picatinny rail.
    Fluted bolt with oversize tactical bolt knob.
    GRS Hunter Adjustable stock which was new a couple of months ago.
    Jewel HVR trigger with top safety.
    DM80 .20cal specific moderator.
    Redding Type S die set - 78666
    A quantity of brass.

    The rifle is currently fitted with a Sightron 8-32x56 LRMOA scope which is 2 weeks old which I will also sell either separately once the rifle has gone or as part of the deal, it is secured in TET mounts and as new as you would expect.

    I have the same stock on my 20Tac albeit a different colour and again a couple of months old, I have no preference for colour so the buyer could choose which he preferred, the grey or the black and I will keep the other. I have ground available in south Northumberland that I could allow a serious buyer to try the rifle if needed.

    Rifle as the spec above with moderator 1500.

    Scope with rings 800.

    As a package 2000.

    NB; bipod not included in the sale and the rifle is advertised elsewhere.

    In the grey stock

    Or the black?

    Top group was 100yds, bottom one was 200yds with 5p for scale.
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    a cracking rifle alan

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    Im open to offers here guys or possible swaps for anything in the smaller c/f bracket from 22BR down.

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    cracking rifle and calibre Alan,

    I was thinking of one before I had the second 20 tactical built, whoever gets this will be onto a winner.


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    Yes Bob, she is a cracker.

    As I said, I already have a 20Tac as well but with the 55r Bergers the BR certainly has more legs and is significantly better in the wind. I haven't had even a sniff which in some respects doesn't surprise me as most wont know much about the caliber. The more I think about things I will give it another few weeks and if she is still here I will get her shortened to 20" and then sell the 20Tac which I guess will appeal to more potential buyers.

    If anyone is into reloading and is considering a 20cal then this girl would be very hard to beat, the ultimate .20 I would say in terms of outright performance.

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    I have a .20BR based on a Sako 75 action and border barrel with Mcmillan stock. It is an awesome calibre. Mine designed for the 32gn to 40gn weight bullets. Am inherently accurate calibre, minimal reloading cost. Mine feeds from magazine no problem and easy to reload from parent 6mmbr case.

    Have a look at this page which reviews the 20 calibres. 5 years ago I had to send this page to my FEO as they'd not even heard of the calibre!

    Good luck with the sale Alan.


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    I am open to offers or swaps on this rifle.

    Im looking for things like an 8 twist .223 or anything in the small calibers with a Sako short action or some quality glass suitable for long range varminting - WHY?

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    Are you selling the .20 tac?

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    HI Al.
    Looks a fine rifle - was always tempted to build a rifle to try the 55 grn bergers

    How many shots have you had through it - in total

    Have you had the rifle from new

    Who built it and how long ago


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    The rifle was built by Dave Folwell at Bowtec for himself around 4yrs ago, he shot a couple of hundred rounds through it then stopped using it as he felt the 50gr Bergers he was using didn't expand enough on rabbits at 400yds so went back to the 223 AI with 75gr vmax. I bought the rifle in summer 2014 and then restocked it, replaced the trigger and did the load development with new brass and 55gr Bergers and 39gr SBK's. The 55's are a different bullet to the 50's and they expand just fine at those distances in the same way as the SBK's, round count is now 700.

    Im running the 55's at 3550 and the drop and drift is up there with the 22BR, 22-250 etc running 75's, a proper long range varminter but with quite a bit less recoil than the .224's - the 39SBK's are running at 4000fps at a canter.

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