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    Hi just a note about buzzards there seems to be a big number of these birds in my part of the world up in and around Bellingham Northumberland since last year the farm i shepherd is 7 thousand acres but never seen one touch a dead lamb now there's a goshawk about no small birds about

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    Raptor numbers have been increasing steadily over Northumberland the last few years
    Ath tom

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    Steady increase saw the odd buzzard here 15 yrs ago now dozens the odd kite last few yrs seen 5 together this week but spars kestrels and barn / tawney owls have remained steady decrease in little owls .

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    No buzzards near here now but we have so many red kites it's unreal, if I can find the pictures I have one with 50-60 kites swirling round in the sky at one time and when the tractors cut the grass you have never seen nothing like it.


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    polluted with buzzards round here. Saw 7 in one "flight" recently.

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    Loads of them in this county, handsome birds but a right pain if you are keepering!

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