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Thread: My 1st outing

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    My 1st outing

    Well, I know it's a week late but better late than never eh?

    After speaking to a few people I managed to find a member on here who was free to take me out last Saturday on some Roe bucks on his grounds up near Peterhead. I had never met the kind gent before and as soon as we met he put me right at ease, 1st off was to check zero my rifle (.243 browning A bolt) after my marathon drive from N Yorks, bang on the money. Right, off we go then, plenty of chit chat and listening to his advice later we arrived at his land. Parking up we both broke out the binos to scan the area for the buck he had seen on a few occasions here, as if right on cue, he appeared approx. 500m away out of a woodline, we drove down wind of him so we could get in without alarming him and parked up and dismounted. Scanning the freshly cut field we saw him about 300m out across the stubble, following my guide we started slowly moving across the field using the new bales as cover, the overpowering smell of pig muck that was waiting to be ploughed in hopefully disguising our scent. Stopping to peer round the bales and scope him out we just saw him disappearing in to the distance, damn! The night wasn't a total waste as when still looking around we came across an old dog fox of a good size, however the 100gr powershocks seemed to not expand as well as could have been hoped and it took 3 to drop him after 2 through and throughs.
    Due to being a newbie, my guide wouldn't let me go home without trying again the next morning, free of charge! 4am and we were out, slowly stalking the same area as the night before, a beautiful morning with a low sun on the horizon and small amount of mist, we stopped and waited, rifle on the sticks looking in to the wood as the buttalo was put to good use. Keeping my eyes front and my ears open I heard a noise to my left, at the same time my guide tapped my shoulder, bold as brass, the buck from the night before came trotting down the field, moving so slowly on the primos sticks it seemed to take forever I turned 90 degrees to my left and had him in my zeiss crosshairs, waiting for him to come closer and closer was taking what seemed forever (really 10 secs), no side on shot so had to take a front on heart shot, slow motion kicked in, shot released and followed through, reload, all the time watching the buck walk off slowly in to the long grass, I knew it was a good shot, but, being my 1st time I was doubting myself as he walked away. 5 mins waited, we followed him, no more than 50yd away, there he was in the long grass, my 1st buck, my 1st stalk.

    A massive thanks to sercout from here, so patient and made feel relaxed, thanks mate.

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    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    Hi Dom8328,

    That most have been great, well done.

    Out of interest and not as a trap question.....what damage did the front chest shot caused? how far in did it go ?


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    Did heart and lungs and just nicked the rumen.
    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    Thanks for the answer, I bet you chuffed to bits, with your first roe buck, a nice 6 pointer too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dom8328 View Post
    Did heart and lungs and just nicked the rumen.
    Really?! I'd have thought thet would have been tatties for it! All sorts of mess! Thats why I havent tried it. Fair play though and well done. Thats a fair way to travel also. Didnt know folk were willing to do that for a stalk. Might have to offer something in the future.

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    Great first stalk and Buck, what a treat!

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    The generosity of ppl on here is amazing, I still have so much to learn though.
    "Eagles may soar, but, Weasels don't get sucked in to jet engines" Anon

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    its great when it all falls into place,,the generosity on here is overwhelming,,,some really good genuine lads well done again to you both,atb doug,

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    Well done..done good..

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