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Thread: G.P.I Tactical Drag Bag

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    G.P.I Tactical Drag Bag

    A year old and fairly unused, has probably been used maybe 6 times.

    Other than a little dirty in places it is in very good condition.

    Tan colour

    Removable divider to allow you to carry 2 rifles or 1.

    Main compartment internal:- 45″ L x 10″ H x 4″ D

    Overal size- 48"

    50 plus postage (Approx. 7.49 postage depending on location)

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    I'll take this please. I just need to pop up and double check my rifle will fit but if it does I can sort payment Asap.

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    No problem, let me know if it fits.

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    Just checked and they'll fit with about an inch to spare so I'll take it if that's ok. Let me know how you want payment.

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