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    fridge space

    hi all,
    i am looking into renting out some fridge space, i know there must be quite a few stalkers out there who when shoot a beast then hav to skin and cut up the same day as the roe buck season goes on as also those that shoot munties, but what if you could put it in cold storage for a few days untill you had the time to sort your spoils of the stalk ,
    any thoughts how i should regulate this and who may be interested as i hav facillites for people to skin and joint their beast and waste disposal too
    ps i am in the midlands by the NEC and can cope with about 20 fallow approx

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    hi Pete
    i hav done nothing as such as yet as i wanted to give the oppurtunity to those on the site first and then maybe move on to a larger scale , as this was a big problem for me when i started off and i know there are a few stalkers in the region who are looking on this site but the DI is a stand by option at the moment as are a few game dealers , my concern is what people would need to make it work like dropping off carcasses at all hours or how much per day is reasonable and wether they needed a carcass jointing or were prepared to sit in on a class that i would run to show how to do a simple jointing of a carcass upto doing burgers and sausages , these are all ideas i hav from reading past posts
    kind regards

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    Stone, I think it's an excellent idea as i dont have the space to hang my carcasses and so as you say, have to butcher it as soon as i get home. The meat is usually still pretty good but could do with some time to mature a little. Let me know if it's something you pursue as if im in the area i might just take you up on it.

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    yes Pete
    it is the evening ones that are the complicated ones as stalkers coming back from devon or up north would need to drop of at silly hours and my thoughts were to drop at my house in the fridge in the garage and then i could transport to the walkin fridge next morning or they would hav to keep in their car till morn and then drop off as we are always up from 4:30 am onwards i no it is not always easy but we need to do something and like you said it is better than nothing

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    I think thats a great idea stone, as a stalking newbee and looking to get a break with some land a generous and friendly offer of some fridge space like that in the bournemouth area would be invaluable as my good lady spent more time cleaning the kitchen ( men dont know how to clean properly .. atleast not when the boss was pregnant ) than i did butchering my fallow.. didnt endear emma to look forward to the next time...

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