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Thread: First day of the Swedish roe buck season.

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    First day of the Swedish roe buck season.

    Today is the start of the roe buck season here in Sweden. I have to say that i look forward to the buck season as to me its the start of the hunting season in general. But when the buck season arrives I'm not that bothered. For the past years, Border a member on SD from Norge has come for the opening of the buck season but due to moving etc, he won't be down till September.
    So last night i got the combi ready, fireing a couple of fouling shots through the clean barrel and dusted off my moleskin trousers and trusty knife ready for the morning.
    It been very nice weather with 27c yesterday and a little rain over night but quite windy. So i made my way down to a new low hunting seat that i built this year that sits on the top of a hill and overlooks a large plantation on my ground. I got my self settled loaded the combi and gave a few squeezes on the roe call. Looking round with the bino's after a couple of mins i saw a roe coming from a stand of mature pines to the left of the plantation. I checked with the bino's and it was a little buck. I waited till it gave a clear shot and loosed of a shot. At the shot the roe took of but i saw the strike on the deer and saw the direction it ran.
    It was back to the house ,have a cup of tea and go back down with the kopov to find the deer. The dog soon found the deer it had gone about 50 mtrs. Those Norma 7x57R Oryx don't do a lot of damage or large exit wound so not a lot of blood or fur to see.
    A nice yearling buck for the freezer.

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    Good stuff Alan!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    Good job

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    Nice one, sir!

    I wondered if you would be out for a buck.

    I flew in yesterday and was up early in a favourite high seat at around 04:00, very excited for the start of the season.......... and I didn't see a thing.

    I'm going to try a different location later. There should be some about; a buck was seen milling around in the garden last week. I heard quite a few distant shots this morning, so I guess that the neighbours have done better than I have so far.

    I can't leave without putting at least one in the freezer or the Swedish side of the family will lose faith!



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    Congratulations! Great start to the season.

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    Nice one mate . Gutted that I had to miss the premiere this year but looking forward to September. Good to see the Merkel still shoots straight.

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    I like the update. I am always interested to see the picture of the rifle and the deer. I am staggered there are not more rifles with sound moderators and bipods. But hey, we are all different and mine is heavier!

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    Well Done nice Buck and gun!


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    Well done Alan!

    Great start

    save one for Toby!

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonher View Post
    Well done Alan!

    Great start

    save one for Toby!
    It looks like the twin brother to the one you got . There has been a lot of roe about this year and I'm sure there's one out there for toby .

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