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Thread: Browning 525 Game

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    Browning 525 Game

    Browning 525 game

    I bought this from a fellow synidcate members only a few months ago, but with no room in the gun cabinet and a varation on the way its needs to go

    December 2014 model
    Used on 9 drives and a few rounds off clays when I bought this 2 months ago
    latest model with better engraving
    Five chokes
    cased etc
    max of 250 shots fired
    1,100 rfd at your own cost

    Photos make the woodwork look darker than it actually is (CHEAP PHONE)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mark Gun 2.jpg   Marks Gun 1.jpg   Marks Gun.jpg   Marks Gun 3.jpg   Marks Gun 4.jpg  

    Mark Gun 5.jpg  

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    Perfect time for the start off the season?

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    Still up for sale

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