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Thread: Staining antler

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    Staining antler

    I have tried this today, the antler had no colour left in it really, almost completely white.
    I mixed up some potassium permanganate, about a teaspoon for a cup of water.
    I have heard you can use tea and WD40 but i decided to try this.

    Don't be alarmed if you try it, the stuff goes on purple but after a few minutes goes brown. Do not get this stuff on the skull, you won't get it off, so i used some masking tape.

    I tried on 2 skulls, i prefer the set on the left as i only gave them 2 coats, having said that i did shoot a buck earlier this year that had a dark brown set of antlers like those on the right.



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    They've come up a treat.

    I've used it before, and tend to run the antlers over a cloth pad on a bench grinder afterwards, which burnishes them nicely.
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    I put a bit of Petroleum jelly on the antler tips first then when wiped off they are nice and white like a buck that dose a lot of fraying.

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    where would one purchase potassium permanganate? what is it and what form does it come in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregoryfinch View Post
    where would one purchase potassium permanganate? what is it and what form does it come in?
    Comes in crystal/powder form and can be bought from many places, I use Amazon and costs about 7/8 for 250g

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    cool brill goin to give that a try

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