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Thread: Bds stalkers award

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    Bds stalkers award

    Will you take it on yes or no will do.

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    I am not prepared to pay for a certificate that 'awards' previously paid for and completed courses/qualifications.
    Also because the BDS will not take into consideration a LANTRA L2 Center-fire/fox control qualification, which I value much higher than a DCS1 or DCS2.
    Finally because a BDS First Aid course will get more points than a non-BDS first aid course. Why?

    I think the scheme is ill-conceived, a PR disaster, and rather pointless, despite it being based on points
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    Slight off course tangent here ( no pun on courses intended), How many times have I experienced a wave off, on arriving at a site?, "Sorry pal" "We don't recognise that card here" "You need a CSCS OR WHATEVER", So my ccnsg or my scats or my whatever don't cut the mustard at the gate?...... but the HSE & other government depts recognise & sometimes administer all of these courses, So what gives, I reckon it's a mafia style money making set up!! ... sorry pal your CSCS is the wrong colour!!!! What a load of baloney!!!!!!!!!

    So shifting the view to a deerstalkers / hunters perspective, what card /ticket /certificate will do it for you? Do points still make prizes?
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    As a newish stalker with limited experience the plethora of certificates and course,s is mind boggling .Ive got D.S.C1 and been a first aider for ever n a day but will only do DSC2 when im a lot more experienced.This is the standard shooting problem too many organisations ,no unifying body with a set standard.if you didnt have any base knowledge you could be fleeced sideways doing all your has the same issues ,working at heights,forktruck license first aid ,electric regs issue 17 .STOP it now one body ,one standard work together protect what we do and stop making it up as you go along .the pot is limited and theres only so much to go around
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    Why do I need to pay someone money to recognise awards I already have?
    Why is BDS first aid worth more the St Johns Ambulance who have been doing it a good bit longer?
    It's all very nepotistic and somewhat damaging to the BDS who I think may have scored an own goal here?
    This is badly timed, at a time when they probably need support. Bad idea!
    Mr T

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    I'm generally a supporter of BDS but this is can only be described as utter nonsense.

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    Also a supporter and I think I know what they are trying to do but it is poorly thought through and unworkable in its current format.

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    no - why would you!

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    Nope not. Worth anything to stalkers there's enough to go at now

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