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    La chasse

    Can anyone give me some advice please?
    I'm visiting friends in the Pyrenees in October and hope to join the local hunt for one or two days. My friend has made enquiries with a friend who is part of the local hunt group and this looks to be OK providing I have the necessary permit. I don't want to take one of my rifles over with me and am looking o borrow one from my friend's friend - i think standing with him during the hunt. Can anyone tell me what permit I would need and how to get it, and indeed whether it would be legal to use someone else's rifle (I guess a little like using an estate gun in the UK)?

    Many thanks

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    As it says in the above link you apply for a temporary Permis de Chasse at the offices of the local regional hunting association (think French version of BASC).
    You will need to supply a copy of your insurance document in French. If you are insured through BASC they can supply a translation if you are insured through the NGO then you will need to ask them to extend your cover to France and supply a translation yourself.
    You also need to show competence with firearms such as a copy of DSC1 etc. but I understand that they take the issue of a British FAC as such.
    The hunting association makes photocopies of these documents and files them with your application. If all is correct the Permis de Chasse is issued there and then. I can't remember the number of days a temporary permit is issued for but I think you have a choice as to the number of days and you also need to state the dates that you want it valid for. You are only permitted a limited number of temporary permits in a year.

    I don't know the legality of borrowing a gun in France but it couldn't be any easier taking your own using the EFP system especially if travelling by Eurotunnel.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Hi I think that you can apply for a three day or nine day temporary permit and as 8 X 57 states, it is very easy to take you own rifle providing you have a EPF issued free from your firearms department, I live in france for part of the year and applied for a Permis de chasse, i went to the head office with a portfolio containing anything i thought would help my cause, All they wanted to see was my UK firearms permit, my EFP and a copy of my BASC insurance. anybody who is not a full time resident in France can do this and there is no need to pass the Frence exam, The cost is 150euro for the season plus the yearly cost of joining your local chasse which is 34euro, What fantastic value and so easy for anybody to get into shooting. if you just want to shoot small animals such as rabbits pigeons etc the permit is cheaper, larger animals such as Boar and Deer are hunted by the group,

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    Thank you, this is really helpful. I had thought about taking a rifle but am travelling on Ryanair and i don't think they allow it. Again, thanks for your help.

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