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Thread: Stalking Nr Bath

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    Stalking Nr Bath

    I'm staying near Bath next weekend with friends, does anyone have any contacts where I might find a Saturday morning stalk for a Roe Buck or Muntjac?

    As close to Midsomer Norton / Radstock as possible please.



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    Mike Bagnowiec again (see earlier post in a similar vein).
    KevinF -

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    You could try Andy at West Country Deer Services, he has land over a wide area. He has a web site if you google it.

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    Are you after trophy heads ? I have stalking available in the cotswolds. To late for this trip but next time perhaps

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    No, just looking for a cull animal. May be interested in the Cotswolds for another trip. Pm me your details and prices and I will get in touch.


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    Try Tony @ Castle Deer.
    A real fine chap and excellent stalker.
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    Try Tim or Colin at UK Deer Services in Barton St David in Somerset - Colin's a good laugh and they've got some really good stalking all over Somerset.

    Tel: 01458 850600
    Mobile: 07771 888 007



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    Hi all,

    Could someone tell me what the problem is with West Country Deer? I was thinking of booking them but they seem to get mixed reviews to say the least. Experiances rather than gossip if we can - though im as bad as the next man!

    PM if you dont want to voice it publically - I can understand


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