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Thread: Keeping a game bag clean!

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    Keeping a game bag clean!

    I'm sure many of you have found yourself in the same position as I did yesterday. I got back home from a rabbit shooting session with a mate after putting all of my gear away the wife commented on a "bit of a nasty smell" coming from my small study where I keep my game bag. She had a sniff around and came out with my game bag and stuffed it under my nose, and yes she was quite right, it stank!
    I have a (Relatively cheap) Jack Pyke game bag that I use when I go out "bunny bashing" and carry any shot rabbits in the front net compartment to allow the air to circulate round them and help them cool off. Over time the net got blood (Amongst other things) on it which after a time started to smell.
    The wife offered to put it in the washing machine but i said not to as it might damage the leather straps so I took it outside and gave it a bit of a scrub with hot soapy water and then left it out to dry. Fortunately it does not smell anywhere as bad now.
    This got me wondering, what do all of you do to keep your game bag as clean and "smell free" as possible? Is there something that can be used to keep it relatively "smell free" that will not effect the leather straps or taint any game carried in it?

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    I put bin liner then dispose of it at the end of the day

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    Quote Originally Posted by gundog View Post
    I put bin liner then dispose of it at the end of the day
    I had thought of that but would it not make the game/rabbits go off quicker in warm weather? However it is an option worth considering!
    Any other suggestions guys?

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    Get yourself a fishing game bag they got removable waterproof linners you can take out to wash

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    I tend to fail to shoot anything so my game bag tends to remain quite clean.
    "Wishy washy hand-wringing diversified all encompassing liberal"

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    I have a " Montrose rope & sail" game bag , that's over 10 yrs olds still like new & yes I do put dead game in it!!
    It's made of a tarpaulin type material , net front , two compartments one for game etc , smaller I put waterproofs or a flask in ,

    Get home , garden hose , slosh out & a spray with kitchen cleaner / dettol ,
    Hang in garage or Washing line to dry ,
    Job done,
    They are now doing a smaller version
    Would suit dog trainers etc ... Their boot liners are pretty bomb proof too
    Game Bag Standard | All Weather Bags | Montrose Rope & Sail


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    I have a Brady bag that I've used for years & I can't say that it's been a problem, although it's mainly carried birds not rabbits. On our long walk rough days I now take a small roe-sack with thin wide straps as I find it a much more comfortable option over distance. I put loops on the outside to allow birds to cool then of course the inside has a washable liner.

    I intend to buy some spare game bags this year to lend to the surprising number of people who turn up for a days rough shooting with no means of carrying anything they shoot, not to mention anywhere to stow the big warm coat that they need to take off after the first hill.

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    if its just rabbits I use a sling with a carrying rod not dissimilar to the game carriers for pheasants
    otherwise either line it or take it down to your local pressure washer each time!

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    F/B if im traveling for bunnies,,gut/cool any then i use a free newspaper bag the hi viz ones they have on their trollys you can get about fifty in it ,,,you can hose it out after as its coated water proof ,,,,and sometimes lamping you can use the smaller news paper bag as well,both washable,,,,or get some pie trays and stack them to keep them cool,atb doug,

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