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Thread: Retractable claws in Foxes

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    Retractable claws in Foxes

    Just reading the article in the middle pages of the Mail on Sunday.
    I am amazed to find out, that according to their 10 Foxy Facts, they have retractable claws like cats,and can hear a watch tick from 40 yards!
    Is this true or am I going mad!

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    Not 100% true. they can only hear Mickey mouse watches and it's at 43 yards. Their claws only retract when in flight or sitting on eggs.

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    No - your foxes cannot. Only American foxes can do this.

    True but with an explanation! We have multiple fox species (not just the red - Vulpes vulpes). One of those species, the gray fox, has retractable (semi-retractable) claws and can also climb trees. One way we tell the tracks of these two apart is the lack of claw marks when at a fast move.

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    Yes, I was going to say, that what we call "Kit Foxes", can climb leaning trees with any sort of rough bark, and up live oaks to the crotch and out on limbs.

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    our reds dont have retractable claws but they can be brilliant climbers,

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    Just reading [...] the Mail on Sunday.
    Have you paused to consider that you may not be making the best use of your time?

    Sunday papers... for when we forget we're mortal.
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