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Thread: Greetings from VANCOUVER ISLAND off west coast of CANADA

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    Greetings from VANCOUVER ISLAND off west coast of CANADA

    Greetings from across the sea.......Retired. hunter,fisherman, living in Paradise.....I enjoy informal target shooting with handguns,small and big bore rifles.... small collection of old military rifles that I reload and shoot weekly.
    had deer eating apples from my tree this week.....daughter lives about 45 minutes away had blackbear eating veggies in her garden... fresh water lake just a couple minutes away and 15 minutes to the is good. for hunting I shoot .284 cal,300 win.mag. and 6.5x58 Portuguese mauser for big game. small game ,I use .22 rimfire and 12 ga. shotties.

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    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you live in the ideal hunting outdoors place (apart from all the rain maybe). A friend of mine moved out a there a few years ago to do tree surgery/aboriculture and he loves it.

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    Welcome Charlie
    I have fond memories of camping on the Island a few years back. Interesting sharing the campsite with a beautiful black bear -- Was woken up by a noise outside the tent thinking bruin was outside - but not to worry it was a family of racoons foraging my camp kitchen! -- PHEW!!
    Enjoy SD & happy retirement!


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    Welcome from London! (Another 7mm user here, 7x64)


    "He who drags the deer has the last laugh (mainly because he has to get his breath back)"

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    Welcome to the forum. I've watched a couple of episodes of the History Channel's series 'Alone' which was filmed on Vancouver Island, looks like a fantastic place.

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    Welcome pal great place in the world that you live. Some extreme driving on the roads around the island and I love it in Tofino. Cant wait to go back, unbelievable amount of wildlife.

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    Welcome to SD . My wife was born in Victoria and my father in law ran the lighthouse on Leonard Island off Tofino for many years . When I finally have enough of the oil industry , we're going back . You're probably one of the few to use a 6.5X58 Porto for hunting , great old round .


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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