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    Butler Creek

    According to the butler creek sizing chart I need a no.14 flip open cover for the eye piece and a no.28 for the objective of my 6x42 Schmidt and Bender(Hungarian). I picked these up today but be damned if I can get the no.28 over the objective The no.14 fits fine its just the no.28 that wont.

    Is there anyone who can tell me what size does fit?


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    only one way take your scope/rifle with you. i have learnt the hard way

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    I have just had a close call similarly. Went into York Guns and asked for caps to fit a scope, they had a similar model in stock (fortunately) and fitted the caps to that one but when I checked the sizing chart for the caps they were supposed to be too big. As stalkerboy said, take the scope with you if possible.

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    In the past i have had to dip the covers with boiling water to get them on. One good thing is they dont come off very easily.


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    I'm in the same boat too, gradually, all of my Butler Creeks have been lost or broken (I only use the objective ones). I now need to take five or six rifles (and my wallet) out for a day trip to a gunshop! It really is the only way, even measuring with calipers doesn't seem to get a reliable fit. Having said all of this, I am not Knocking Butler Creeks, I don't know of a better idea. JC

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    I'm finished with butler creek, the quality of the material is so cheap it's unreal.
    Others are not much better but I get a cheap flip up cover for 5 Euro a piece
    off e-gun in germany. My local gunshop charges around 18 Euro's for butler creeks
    or the yellow ones...thats around 25 US dollars or?

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    I used to lose the rear Butler Creek flip up for a pastime, putting the rifle in and out of its slip. Then I bought some calipers for reloading, measured the width needed with them, bought one slightly undersized, and have not had a problem since!

    Try heating the plastic with hot water and putting the scope somewhere cool, like in the deer chiller. Then a little smear of fairy liquid and press fit. Thats what worked for me anyway.


    As an aside to this, did you know you can bend alkethene piping by heating glycerine (it gets to a higher temp than water and is very dangerous) and dipping the alkathene into the very hot glycerine. If you put a bending spring inside it you can make 45 degree bends in the alkathene! Not relevant, sorry, but useful.
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    Thanks for the replies, will try the hot water as the size is not that far out so might work. If not then I will take rifle and all to the gunshop.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephenl View Post
    Thanks for the replies, will try the hot water as the size is not that far out so might work. If not then I will take rifle and all to the gunshop.

    That sounds a good plan. That, or careful warming with a hot-air gun, which is less wet-making.

    My S&B 6x42 Hungarian has Obj Dia 48.2mm, and is wearing a size 28 cover. It looks a tight fit, and I certainly remember warming it up to fit it.

    Oddly, the eyepeice cover is L11, so perhaps the dimensions have changed since I bought mine some years ago?

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    As a slight aside

    How do you get a cover onto a swarovski Habicht 6x42? They have a rubber shock absorber which i would imagine makes things slightly more complicated!

    Always mean to fit these to my scopes but never remember to do it!

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