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Thread: Steiner Nighthunter Extreme/Ranger and Roedale Delta

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    Steiner Nighthunter Extreme/Ranger and Roedale Delta

    Hia All,

    I'm looking at the Steiner Ranger and Nighthunter Extreme Scopes that both appear similar on paper, just with a huge price difference. I'm struggling to find any real comparison reviews, so wondered if anyone has any experience of them ,or compared them?

    I am also looking at a Roedale Delta mod, and would like to know if there are any horror stories about them, or if anyone rates them highly?


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    I can only respond re the Roedale Delta, as I had one on a .243 Win for 6 years.

    Very lightweight, well made, and you can add to, or replace individual baffles if they wear. It was exceptionally easy to strip and clean. Behind the rifle, it was quiet, however, others standing off to the side said it was noticeably louder than other mods, when they were fired and listened to from the same position.... I had it matched to a light sporter barrel, so it was relevant to the outfit, and

    I have since sold it, and the .243 it was on, and purchased a ASE Jet-Z, to go on a heavier set up, and despite the increased weight of the latter, I would not go back, as the ASE when calibre matched - mod is .25 cal rated, is just superb.

    All the best.


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