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Thread: n750 digi-sight + extras

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    n750 digi-sight + extras

    hi all ,
    selling to fund a new stalking scope and i no longer have a rabbit or fox problem ,yes there are that good !!
    pulsar n750 with a dr bob lense fitted and the extra pulsar ep s3 battery pack and charger , will come with boxs carry case info booklets and if needed will include the weever to dovetail mount
    if pictures are wanted just ask i will add them , think everybody seen one by now

    775 ono inc postage

    many thanks
    Last edited by weecornishman; 21-08-2015 at 16:58. Reason: price drop

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    wk end bump !!

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    is nobody looking for n750 or am i asking to much ???

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    I am interested, but to me the price is too high.
    i am not saying your price is too high, just that it's too high for what I would be willing to pay.

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    very fair comment !
    would be open to very fair offers

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    nights are pulling in and almost tempted to keep it , last week it will be on here

    price drop 750 ono

    or scope swaps deals considered , just ask i can only say no

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    Will swaps you for my 3-10 x50 schmidt & bender german scope

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    Quote Originally Posted by weecornishman View Post
    is nobody looking for n750 or am i asking to much ???
    Paid 700 for mine last year, perfect working order

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    was that with the doubler and extra battery ???

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    I have sent a pm can you call me please


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