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Thread: Making a day of it.

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    Making a day of it.

    In the shower at 4 a.m. yesterday,.... dropped M at Ringway for his 3 day boar jaunt, had to chuckle, him in hunting gear in amongst all the shorts & flip flop brigade, got set up in Lum's extensive ornamental gardens by 06.20 a.m., (he had made comment on the damage from the new batch of bunnies), warm enough for T shirt by 7.30 a.m., two boxes of .17HMR later, enough cotton bobbin sized ones with feet in the air to allow me to move to another venue within the estate, Lum's Bayleaf chap will be pleased when he fills his wheelbarrow later in the morning , made a couple more stops, one on an Iron age fort with a bit of digging going on, didn't know rabbits were into history, change up to .223 for the distance ones on the other side of the old quarry workings, a good fry up of sausages & beans on the camping stove, funny how tea tastes so good made outdoors, then off to a local sheep farmers smallholding at 17.30, for more new batch bunnies & foxes after dark , arrive back home in time for a glass of red in front of the telly before lights out.
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    Finn, sounds like an ideal day! I am almost jealous

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    Sounds nice day out finn.

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    Finn it sound's like you were in heaven
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    Just like the Asparagus crop has leaped forward, so to with the bunnies, I have had two more late afternoon / early evenings on the bunnies, on one 16 acres of crop, nothing but an explosion of the new batch, a poor total of six full grown for the dogs, & two of those were full of young, looks like it could be a bad year for damage.
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    you just cant beat taking the field kitchen with you , should be a park of every stalkers kit ! lol

    cheers lee

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    Now the thought of a cooked brekky out there in the wild when I'm out shooting is enough to get me out of bed at any ungodly hour. Not sure about the bunny smell on my hands when I'm eating though

    Might go and buy a camping stove tomorrow instead of looking for a job

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