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Thread: History of BSA. (An interesting video)

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    History of BSA. (An interesting video)

    I came across this short and quite interesting video covering the history of BSA and thought it might be of interest to other BSA fans.
    (I wasn't sure which section to put it in so if the moderators think it might be better suited in another section please feel free to move it and accept my appologies for putting it in the wrong section.

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    My first real rifle was a beeza 177 meteor I hid under the stairs from my dad for almost a year, only taking out to clean it and fire in the garden whilst alone, I was 12 at the time and could light matches at 15 yds then. Now I have a lovely BSA Hunter in 7x57 that's taken lots of deer over the years, and cull animals in Africa. As a lad the big boys always had Airsporters, and I could never afford one, now I have two of them in immaculate original condition, a MK 1 and a Mk 6, both beautifully engineered rifles when England was an engineering might to be reckoned with. deerwarden.

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    Thanks for that - although I never owned a BSA I'm really interested in the history of engineering in Britain and it really saddens me to think of all the history and skills that have been lost over the years.

    At least this part is still going and long may it continue.


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    I was doing my apprenticeships first year at the BSA group midland training centre which was located 50 yards behind this area in 1965 I was very often in there watching them work. I was fascinated by a man on the bike assembly line putting a gold coachline on the petrol tanks between the chrome and the main paint colour too.
    Our milling instructor was making a colt 1911 copy from steel using the original drawings BSA had from WWII. It was, after all 1965 oh my how the times have changed.
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    Bought my first Cadet Major 2nd hand from a school friend for 1959 And. Still have it. Also have a Cadet, airs porter S in.177, another Major, a CF2 in.243 and a Stutzen in 6.5x55

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    Bought my Airsporter in 1968 new for 25 fired thousands of pellets, stuffed crushed match heads into the back of pellets to make tracer in the dark, still have it today.

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    Have a Sportsman 5 in the cabinet beside me! Took it out at the weekend for a walk in the country - lovely light and pointable rifle!

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