This tramp who smelled like the inside lining of a chineese juglers jock strap knocks on the front door of this rather large mansion.

A butler answers the doors and says ( Yes my man what can I do for you)

The Tramp replies that he was brassic lint and had not eaten in 3 days and he was absolutely clemmt and was it possible to give him some food.

the lady of the house shouts downstairs to the butler (who is it Jeeves)

The bulter replies (Its a gentleman of the road maaaaam)
Whats he want replied the Lady.
The Butler replies ( He his after food maaaam)

The lady of the house shouts downstairs ( Ask him if he would like some cold rice pudding)

The tramps eyes lit up with delight and aknowledged to the bulter that he would love some.

The butler shouts up to his mistress that the tramp would love some cold rice pudding

The Lady shouts dowstairs
Tell the chap to come back tommorow because its warm now