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Thread: What mounts do you recommend for Howa 1500

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    What mounts do you recommend for Howa 1500

    Im not impressed with the alloy mounts and rail that the howa comes with

    What replacments in steel do you recommend


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    I know it's not steel but the DNZ single piece mount is great, and very strong.

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    I have had Leupold adjustable windage 2 piece mounts and steel rings on one of my Howas for about 4 years, never lost zero yet, the other has the standard weaver rail with generic mounts, not lost zero in the 6 months I've had it, you pays yer money and takes yer chances
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    Same here for the leupold, nothing wrong with them.

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    Leupold STD's work well and are quite reasonably priced.

    All you need to select should be here. For Howa see Weatherby:

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    Howa 1500 takes the same bases and rings as the Remington 700, so you have a huge selection.
    Since mine has no iron sights, it came with Leupold sculpted bases and rings, in gloss blue.
    They work very well, of course, and look good with the gloss blue steel and walnut stock.

    If you want to swap scopes, go with Warne steel bases and Maxima QR rings.

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    You should be able to find something here: Bases and Rails - Optics-trade

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    I have a unknown pictiny rail on my Howa 1500 and zeiss scope is attached by Buris Zee signature rings which are by far the best rings you can buy. I think you will find that a remington 700 rail will not fit a Howa 1500 despite what you might be told. I will check this next week as I have just got a Blackhawk 20moa remmy 700 rail and I am going to refit my Zeiss with either med or high Burris rings so i will check alignement then.

    If you do not wish to use a one piece rail then Leuppold mounts are very good especialy the adjustable ones. Thats what I originally used prior to fitting a one piece rail.


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    Checked last night a remmy one piece rail will not fit a HOWA 1500 holes are in a different position. I have a brand new unused HOWA 1500 SA alluminium (black) rail if you wish to purchase it PM me 30 + postage at cost.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Henroy View Post
    Same here for the leupold, nothing wrong with them.

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