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    My thoughts to those killed & injured at an innocent shrine visit, .... The perfect description of cowardice, placing a device to kill & maim others, without the conviction to ride the blast yourself, a bit like some others in the recent past.
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    I was just down the street from there in February , unfortunately there are increasing tensions between the Reds and Yellows in Thailand . It will probably get worse in the future . It's sickening , the Thai's are wonderful people , but it will really hit the fan when the king dies . I was warned by a Thai friend not to be there when he does , hopefully their differences can be reconciled in a non-violent way .


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    Can't get my head around the way these people think

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    seen the report today on SKY ,been happening since April bombs n stuff every month another campaign by the peace loving Muslim independence movement .Thats the piss take they always claim to be peace loving and want their own country .Well last time i looked Thailand was an independent country .
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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