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Thread: Heads up computer virus

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    Heads up computer virus

    Just a quick post no replys needed
    if YOU get an Email from your email to your email same name ie :- dave @? to dave @ ? it is a VIRUS That cost me 79:99 to to remove to day

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    Thanks Paul

    I've also had a few recently from folks that I know that have "From: xxx" in them, but as they've gone into my Junk folder, I've just binned them
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    I only open them at work in hope of a day off, no luck so far . . . .

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    ********, just opened one like it, said it was guntrader, once i was in? How did you get done?

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    Had to Get avast tech to clear it all off that's the 79:99 kicker

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    Should've bought an Apple Mac.
    Haven't known a virus in nearly 30 years of usage.
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    next desk job will be

    Quote Originally Posted by teyhan1 View Post
    Should've bought an Apple Mac.
    Haven't known a virus in nearly 30 years of usage.

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    A couple of years ago I received an e-mail "from" my father..........two months after he had died. I would still like to do serious harm to whoever hacked whatever to send that.

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    Cheers Paul Thanks for the heads up, half the time its the feckin people selling anti this and that and put the sh!tters up people, have you ever tried putting on free anti virus it Sometimes alerts you right away that you have a bad virus on your system and that it needs to be dealt with right away... aye right just pull ma trousers doon for me..... needless to say if you know someone ask them first and they may be able to fix it for you at a nominal fee (couple of drinks etc)..Can but try, you don't ask you don't get..Be Safe Gents and Ladies

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