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Thread: Anyone got any H4831sc (or know where there is) for sale?

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    Anyone got any H4831sc (or know where there is) for sale?

    Hi Guys,

    Im driving from North Yorkshire to Kent/Sussex and back this week. Does anyone know if there is any H4831sc for sale somewhere within a reasonable distance of the A1/M1/M25 etc? Full tubs only.. Know its a long shot but there must be some somewhere sat on a shelf..?

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    You area bit far, but Phil at Leek Shooting supplies has a few tubs on the shelf if you are passing that way.

    I was in there yesterday.
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    I picked a tub up from Northallerton a week or so ago. Still like hens teeth eh?!

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    a week ago? Ah interesing DC.. I'll give them a call in the morning, they must have just got some in..

    WM, thank you for that, i will bear it in mind though as it is pretty difficult to get hold of.

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    Ben try Norman Clarke at rugby not too far out of your way on your way south
    Ath tom

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    Cheers Tom,

    Hope you're well? All good down here. Will give NC a call tomorrow after NSAC.

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    Also watching your replies with interest as require the same in the Mid Wales area. Looks as if travelling is becoming the norm these days.

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    Well, now I think it was more like three weeks. But recent none the less. I trust you are well and getting out plenty still!

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    yes very busy DC, give me a shout if you're at a loose end, sure we can find something to shoot

    just got a cold sweat on.. 3 weeks, what are the chances of any being left?! Has it gone up AGAIN?

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    I've been on the same quest for about six months with no luck - recently finished my last tub of H4831sc so have switched to IMR4831 that was available at Sussex Guns, Battle.

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