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Thread: Best scope for a 22lr?

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    Best scope for a 22lr?

    What is the best value for money scope for a 22lr?

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    Doesn't need anything fantastic. A half decent air rifle scope would do the job

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    hawke will be perfect around 100 quid sport hd check gallery ,,,,,works great on mine,,,,atb doug,

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    Swaro 6x42 pick one up for around 250 s/h and feel the quality

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    you don't need to spend too much money at all.
    if you are walking around shooting offhand then a cheap 4x40.
    If you are shooting from a bipod or good rest or high seat then 3 to 9 or 12 x40.
    because of the high trajectory of .22 rf you could try a BSA sweet .22 with adjustable turrets
    or a half mil dot Hawke Panorama to give you aiming points at 75 and 100 yards.

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    Edgar Bros 3-9x40, no more than 50, perfectly adequate.

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    If you're using it regularly,don't skimp and buy cheap optics,as Unicorn said,a nice S/H 6x42 Swaro or Schmidt would be perfect. I think especially with optics,always spend as much as you can afford,always nice to look through quality glass and if you decide to sell you'll not lose anything. Same can't be said for the cheap optics.

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    It does massivly depend what you're going to use it for and how you like to shoot. I started off with an old Japanese 4x40 and as I was just walking about shooting rabbits between 30-50m it was perfect. Now I take my .22 out deerstalking or foxing from a highseat and plink away at rabbits with it while waiting for deer or foxes to arrive and as such I now have alot more mag and adjustable turrets as I can range rabbits with the rangefinder and dial in and pick them off.

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    I went both ways - on my .22wmr quad I've got a 4-12x50 Hawke Panorama HD IR - absolutely sweet out to 120 on Charlie and excellent value for money. On my .22lr Anschutz I put an 8x56 S&B Classix - it is spot on at that mag and the lower light capability for the bunnies is excellent..... I basically saw it as much of an investment as a luxury (same with the rifle).

    A lot of people will tell you not to spend too much, especially on RF rifles - for the last few years I've been righting the wrongs in my firearm and shotgun collection - I say spend what you can afford / save for but make it the best you can get for the money. Trust me, there's nothing worse than finding the limit of your kit before you find your own skill limit
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    Buy the best you can afford, eye shooting squirrels takes a good scope, 6x42 works great, but a lot of the squirrel boys use bushnell elite 6500, but getting a lot of good reports about Nikon EFRs

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