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Thread: Pulsar Apex Thermal Scopes

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    Pulsar Apex Thermal Scopes

    I am looking to buy a thermal scope and I am between the the Pulsar Apex XD38 and XD50. It will be used mainly for fox control. Does anyone have any experience or views on the two models?

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    No experience but personally I'd consider the xd75 before the two you listed for foxing..

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    The XD50 will give you slightly more magnification.
    The main issue with thermal scopes with the resolution of the Pulsar models is target identification.
    You need to make sure you're shooting at a fox rather than a cat or a badger or even a big hare.
    IMHO best practice is to use a thermal spotter to detect the potential target and a Night Vision scope (tubed or digital) for positive identification and taking the shot.



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    I have the XD50 and am very happy. It has the 50hz screen and I love it. I agree with mealiejimmy on his observations

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    A few observations:

    • What may look like good resolution in a thermal spotter doesn't look quite as good once you have a crisp reticle for reference and live quarry behind it.
    • Compare the reticle position on the main image with the one in the PiP window and check how closely they match.
    • As you go up through the Apex models the "click" value gets finer, from 40mm (38), to 30mmm (50) to 20mm (75), giving you a more precise zero.
    • Magnification also increases with lens diameter.

    For all of the above reasons, I'd go for the biggest you can get/afford if you want something that will let you hit reliably at normal centrefire ranges.

    I shot 2 foxes the night before last with a 75 at 115m and 135m and through the scope both felt "close". I've shot more with a 50 but shots at those ranges felt "long". I haven't used a 38.
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    Thank you all for the great feedback and advice. I am going back to the drawing board on this one. I do not want to make a mistake as this kit is so expensive.

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    Just check if, whatever Brand you buy in the end, is Water Proof.
    The Pulsar Thermal viewers certainly aren't, and I think a piece of kit that costs some £3,000 to £5,000 and is used outdoors in field conditions should be Water Proof! Pulsar is also raking it in on peripherals such as high capacity batteries and a Video recorder, both at considerable extra expense. My view, again, is that at that kind of price point the Thermal Viewers and Thermal Scopes should have an internal SD Card slot and not a bolt-on unit at an extra cost sold separately.
    My Pulsar Quantum Thermal has, btw, transformed my hunting and increased my success-rate, but you have to be ever so aware of it potentially getting wet, which will invalidate a possible warranty claim.
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    The Apex are IPX7 rated which means they are waterproof and even submersible below 1m depth for a short duration.
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