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Thread: Adjustable mounts to get a Yukon Photon ontrack

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    Adjustable mounts to get a Yukon Photon ontrack

    I have just bought a Yukon photon which seems like a great bit of kit from my initial look around the fields.

    I have mounted this on a picatinny rail (sitting on an old BRNO model 2).

    The problem is I have run out of negative elevation adjustment at 40 yards as the POI is still 40cm below where POA is.

    Either I could remove the rail and get some adjustable mounts that fit an 11mm dovetail. Or some get some adjustable picatinny mounts.

    If anyone else has had this problem and a solution, or knows of good adjustable mounts that work then I would appreciate your thoughts. I had looked at sportsmatch but thought I would ask here for some collective wisdom..


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    I'll be following this with interest as I'm saving for a Photon at the moment.

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    I should point out I dont think there is a problem with the Photon its probably that the dovetail isnt quite flush with the barrel so I need a adjustable mount to bring it back.

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    The other quite popular option is to shim the ring that needs elevating if it is just the height adjustment that is out. Otherwise its an extra 60 or so to get mounts for it bringing the price overall nearer 500 (for the 6.5x50)

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    Get a 20moa pickitiny rail

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foxshot View Post
    Get a 20moa pickitiny rail
    Sounds like he might already have one. Is so, try reversing it, if practical.

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    Im pretty sure the rail is flat but reversing a 20MOA rail is a good idea indeed.

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    Had exactly the same problem with my Photon.
    Set it on my 22 LR using a cheap set of high mounts and ran out of horizontal (2 inches left).
    Tried the one piece mounts from Scott Country - same problem. Set scope back to the centre.
    Tried another set of cheap high mounts and spot on. Switched the set up onto my 17HMR and first 2 mounts same thing (interestingly 2 inches right).
    All very odd but best advice is to try different mounts and you should find a set that work.
    Scott Country very good and refunded as I had kept the mounts pristine and original packaging.
    Good piece of kit once you get it set up.

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    I had issues with my Mk1 photon where with a 20 moa rail the poi was still too high by 4 or 5 inches

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    Burrris Zee signature mounts would be the solution.


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