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    cz hornet

    what scope rings are you chaps using on your cz 527 .22 hornet, I want to mount a khalles 8x50 on mine but after I fitted scope I then found I could not open the bolt fully, the mounts are tikka, atb ray

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    Not sure if your kahles is a 1" or 30mm tube? I use Apel mounts for a 30mm tubed 50mm obj scope which are spot on with Just enough clearance for the bolt but still keeping obj close to barrel.

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    if 1" i have a set of brand new cz 527 rings sat on the shelf.i peronally ordered a picatinny rail and nightforce if any good.

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    For 30mm either high warne rings, or grind the bolt handle down for more clearance.
    50mm one inch scope fit easily using the standard cz rings.


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