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Thread: DPT versus Roedales versus Atec mods

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    DPT versus Roedales versus Atec mods

    Do people have personal experience of all three of these lightweight brands? Requirement to withstand intense usage from .270 - prepared to replace baffles every thousand rounds. Or does this holy grail not exist? Comments welcome though please spare speculations.

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    I think 1000 rounds are achievable, maybe a bit more with these mods however they are then difficult to take apart. Maybe best to shoot until they are noticeably louder and then replace the complete mod. I took one or two Roedale ultra lights apart that had more than 1000 rounds and the threads were also badly worn. Pretty sure all ultra lights (as in under 200 grams) will be similar.

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    Just got a dpt. Only used it to zero rifle so too early for me to say much about it. It is well put together and the finish is good. Instructions say it should last about 2000 rounds on a 22" hunting rifle. Life expectancy can be improved by not getting it too hot. they state about 60 rounds per hour or 30 if it has a sleeve on it. it also says cleaning needs to be regular(50 rounds or so) other wise the carbon build up on the threads will make it impossible to unscrew. It is tiny and very light compared to my T8. Hope the info helps

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    I have been a dyed in the wool A-TEC Maxim man for quite a while but recently bought a new rifle that has a thread forward of the foresight which I don't want to take off so bought a Dpt mod.
    I have used it on my 30-06 and it is 'as good as' an A-TEC Maxim but on my .308 it is better and it beats all the others I have tried for weight hands down.

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