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Thread: unwanted lining

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    unwanted lining

    Just been informed off my son that the lurched May have lined the cocker how long do I have to get it a jag and roughly how much does it cost.

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    I believe that the dog morning after equivalent is known as Mismate . From what I have been told vets do not like to give it whilst the bitch is still in season , its most effective
    if given in the first 22 days but still 95% effective at upto 45 days , think that it involves 2 jabs 24 hours apart

    I am sure that one of the resident vets will soon be along to correct me !! , I have no idea on costs but its sure to sting
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    Thanks grumpy for advise going to vet's tomorrow they said they Give the mismate between five and severn days after hiccup twenty-four hours two jags as you said . Thanks

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    Alizin is the drug. Its expensive. We generally leave them and scan at 28 days and only inject the pregnant ones. Less than 50% are in pup.

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    My bitch has had the jags. I am sure it cost me 90 that was roughly 5 years ago though.

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    Thanks lads I got off light it seems only cost me 54

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