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Thread: Any one know about owls?

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    Any one know about owls?

    On the evening I was out camping at some fishing (story and pics in the write ups section) I was joined by an owl. Now owls are something I very rarely see, maybe twice in my life, and they are usually small and light coloured. However this thing was big, mostly darkish brown, and it came and landed on the moor close to my tent and seemed to be keen to study what was going on.

    Of course it is hard to judge these things in the very last of the light and this would have been at least an hour, maybe more, after sunset.

    Anyone care to venture what sort of owl it might have been? This was on the Isle of Lewis and is mostly moorland habitat.
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    The RSPB: Short-eared owl perhaps?

    I was stalking the other day and at about 8am on a sunny morning I was stalked by a furious barn owl. The owl was really annoyed that I was in his/her territory. I was concerned the owl's squeaking would disturb the stags, but as it turned out, I couldn't get into a position to do anything.



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    Probably a Short ear, piercing yellow eyes if you seen it up close. Try giving it a squeek if you see it again . Good conservation story on the SGA website about short ears, seen a lot on driven grouse days last year.

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    Thanks folks, that could well be the one though I thought it was somewhat bigger but in very low light it might simply have been closer than I thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caorach View Post
    Thanks folks, that could well be the one though I thought it was somewhat bigger but in very low light it might simply have been closer than I thought.
    They are quite variable in size and colour. Lovely birds to watch on the moors.

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    Almost certainly a Short Eared Owl quartering. We have them here on Skye. A short hop across the Minch?
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    While hidden on a bank wildfowling in full cammo a few years ago watched an owl for some time flying up and down the marsh at dusk then lost sight of it seconds later it appeared six feet away right in front of my face, it saw me the and banked away by this time it was a yard away . It was absolutely fantastic. Read an article the other day about their silent flight and the research may help reduce other aerodynamic noise such as that produced by wind turbines etc. Marvellous birds and to see one face to face was great Tom

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    I've had a long eared owl come in to investigate a rabbit squeal when I was calling foxes on a summer evening. Happened several times over the years.

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    The DoE once looked into the supposed intelligence of owls compared with the suposed lack of intelligence of chickens.

    And comissioned three universities to conduct a survey. The University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and the Univeristy of St Andrews.

    Unfortunately the University of St Andrews was busy. So the DoE appointed instead the University of Derby.

    The University of Oxford concluded that owls were indeed more intelligent than chickens as owls had a bigger head and so this had a bigger brain inside.

    The University of Cambridge concluded that owls were indeed more intelleigent than chickens as chickens had a smaller head and so had a smaller brain inside.

    The University of Derby agreed but gave their explanation as this.

    That whilst everybody had at sometime seen, heard of or had in fact eaten, Kentucky Fried Chicken...nobody had seen, heard of, or in fact eaten Kentucky Fried Owl.

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    There was an inland marsh near The where I used to unsuccessfully try and shoot wildfowl that had a pair of resident barn owls which I enjoyed watching. The white, ghostly shapes would cruise around the marsh at head height. The first time I saw them, at dusk I saw a shadow come over me, shouldered my gun, then saw one of the owls hovering maybe two metres above and in front of me, trying to decide if I was dinner or not. It didn't seem very worried by my presence. Neither were the ducks for that matter, and with good reason. No birds were harmed in the writing of this story...
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