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    New to site


    My name is Chris. I live right on the Sussex and Kent Border (Rotherfield). I am passionate to the bone about stalking and all things deer! I am 100% interested in any stalking and other opportunities in the Kent Sussex region. I am DSC1, I have a part trained GSP (he is a work in progress, 3 years old and slowly getting the hang of things as am I (slowly I mean!).

    I hope to be able to meet some like minded people and have some opportunities to get out in the field.

    I work in London and have a 19 month daughter and a newbie due next Tuesday (!?) so stalking for the next two weeks or so is probably a bit tricky! After that I hope to be able to sneak out on occasion (my wife is not a member (at least I don't think so!) so I am okay saying this aloud).

    Love the site and great to see so many like minded people concerning conservation, advice, stalking opps and general activities.

    I am new to the area and I am lucky enough to have 15 acres of my own land (paddocks) that actually holds some fallow and roe although as they are 'in the garden' I am very much interested in any local stalking opps.

    Hope to hear from any or all of you.


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    Hi Chris
    Welcome to the forum, im sure you will get some offers especially as you have ground of your own you can trade and you will meet guys local to you
    Best of luck

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    Welcome to the site!

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    Welcome to the site Chris,


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome to SD... lucky you with 15 acres... I have a measly 5 and have pesky rabbits digging up my paddocks... no deer though

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