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Thread: Side X Side Vs Quad

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    Side X Side Vs Quad

    I own a Honda Foreman for deer extraction and getting around on, but I fancy the idea of a UTV or side by side!

    Are they as capable as a quad off road? I like the idea as I could transport me and another around safely.

    Thanks - Ben

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    I use a Polaris Ranger and they are way better than a quad in all aspects, albeit a little bigger. You can even get them as a crew cab now I think for four people.

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    After having bikes being wet cold etc not that much room etc ? I would if I had the grounds get a capable s x s enclosed cab with winch /tipper and heater lol, on one estate we had kobota (but run away) they did't last ? think they now have Jcb's and Kawasaki mules and are happy, they have rivers and wet boggy ground to cover but as most things it your choice if its too boggy a Argocat may be a Another choice ?

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    I have looked at argo but the price made my eyes water!! The land I am on is extreme to say the least in places, I wouldn't want to spend an arm and a leg and get stuck or worst case roll.

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    most sxs you can fit a roll over cage , but a bike ? if it go's over you will end up at the sticky end if it go's the wrong way! best advice is what do others use nr you and how do they feel about the use of a bike or sxs

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    Have had both all be it for racing, have had major crashes on/in both and the injuries were significantly less in the sxs, if I had my time again I would have never used a quad, sxs is a safer option. That said, the speeds when using such vehicles for extraction/feeding/pest control etc are considerably slower.
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    What make and model would you go for??

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    I used a Polaris RZR when racing, and we had 2 Rangers a 500 and an 800 for gear which were very good, we also used A Kawasaki mule and an Arctic Cat Prowler but it was a 2010 machine so fairly battered but still going strong & recently i was shooting in an electric powered Ranger, but not sure of the range or power under duress in difficult terrain, as we were on relatively flat pastures. I would suggest a test drive in the latest 2015 range as the Kymco has had rave reviews and is good value for money but i have no time in this machine.
    The all terrain non racing Quads I thought were good were the Polaris range, and the Yamaha's, again plenty of folk on here with more extraction experience on the agri quads than me.

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    I'd say 4x4 UTV/sxs things are a complete non starter on extreme ground, but it depends wot u call extreme ground.
    Most farmers/keepers i know who have 1 say they replace a pick up rather than a quad and most still have there quads for stock work (utv's to numb) or for wet weather soft ground, or steep ground
    It all depends on ur ground thou and wot u want to do with it. They are a lot wider a lot heavier, lot less maneorverable and if u get stuck u will need a tractor no chance of lifting/digging it out urself

    Use 1 on 1 shoot as a game cart and bloody handy but it does mark fields when wet,(quad and trailer would probably be as handy if not handier ) had the crew cab 1 day too to ferry the guns about was quality piece of kit got 5 guns in it plus 3 in other normal polaris but was marking the fields as quite wet wknd (the landy gun bus was brooken down, again!!)

    U can get windscreens or roofs for ur quad, i would not be without my windscreen/roof now on the quad throu winter makes a massive difference when ur on it all day

    The Polaris 6x6's are excellent thou and will go a lot of places u'd go with an argo, in some cases go more places as won't get bellied the same in snow/ruts, ride totally different to the 4x4's on steep or boggy ground and the lower ground pressure makes a massive difference, 1 moor i go to got rid of argo's for them. Cheap compared to an argo.

    The other option is an off road trailer behind ur quad, TFM engineering make a decent hill trailer that comes apart so cn be stored under the quad in the road trailers, decent bit of kit
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    Yep the ground can make you bum go boo, if you are not on your game!!! That's what made me ask the question if a sxs is up to task when the forest track runs out.

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