Young lad on a building site coming up to his 18 birthday,the lad had never been with a woman before and was a virgin, so the lads on the site decided to have a whip round and buy him a night with a lady of disrepute,
They managed to get £120 and put the money in an envelope along with a letter of instruction to the prostitute.

They bundled the lad into a van and dropped him off outside this house of ill repute in Manchester and knocked on the door, the prostituteís maid opened the door and he was pushed inside along with his letter.

The prostitute opened the letter extracting the money and read it contents at which she burst out laughing, the young lad enquired as to what she was laughing at and the prostitute said it says in this attached note that you are a virgin is that correct? and the young lad admitted that it was, She then went on to say it also says I have to give you a sixty niner, do you know what one of those is to which the young lad admitted that he did not.

Ok she said I will show you, you put your head between my legs and I will put my head between yours and we will take it from there.
A few minutes passed by and then the prostitute let of this little piff paff puff of a fart that
Was to say the least rank. The lad raised his head gasping for air and the prostitute enquired as to what was the matter, to which the lad replied nothing as he didnít want to embarrass the young lady, well get your head down and get stuck in she replied, a few more minutes went by and the prostitute dropped this really horrendous fart, at which the lad got out of bed and started to get dressed. Whatís the matter enquired the prostitute to which the lad replied if you think I am going to stand another 67 of those your sadly mistaken.