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Thread: Stalking Suit.....

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    Stalking Suit.....

    Hi All,

    I need to buy a new jacket/trousers for stalking, and i have narrowed it down to either Harkila Pro-Hunter, Seeland Exeter Advantage or the Beretta Kodiak. Clearly there is a price difference, but i can stomach paying more (through gritted teeth!) if the quality, performance and hardwearing ability is worth the extra.

    I've seen plenty on Harkila and Seeland, but very little on the Beretta, so I would be interested in people opinions before i make the choice!


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    I was out a few days ago with a friend who had a Seeland suit on. I do not know which range. The trousers were very rustly compared to the Harkila pro hunters I had on. The only noise that came from the pro hunters was the scratching sound when I got snagged by a bramble. So do try rubbing the material together for noise.

    Mine are a second hand pair bought from here so are an early version. The only criticism is that they are very snug. Other 34" waist trousers I have are quite roomy around crotch and thighs. If you are trekking around and scrambling over fences and dealing with hills on a mild to warm day they can be a drag. Gets to be quite an effort to swing your leg over a fence. Perfect for a gentle stroll to cold wet high seats though!

    For a jacket I wear an old Barbour Border or a British Army camouflage Jacket. Caroach on here has advice to use a goretex army smock on the inside in wet weather so all the pockets are still available on the jacket.


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    I have the beretta optifade suit...light weight , goretex ..great suit ...highly recommend

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    I can only comment on the Harkila Pro Hunter X coat, which I own. It's excellent. Warm and comfortable, good hood, lots of storage and smart enough to wear shooting game when the weather is cold or wet. It's too warm for summer stalking on foot I would say, but that's the compromise. Do try one on as the sizing can be a bit funny. Jon.

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    I've beretta kodiak very good for winter stalking

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    Following on from Alantoo, do not buy the seeland keeper trousers... awfully noisy and surprisingly NOT waterproof... nice and breathing in the summer for a high seat but not ideally for stalking up close.

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    Thanks for the replies so far, really appreciated!

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    Harkila pro hunter jacket is great, But not so keen on the trousers seeland are better stalking trousers, as they are softer and quieter. IMO

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    I and my boy use Deerhunter jackets and trousers, very reasonable prices and where recommended by my mates Da who is 75 years old and swore by them.
    Needless to say i tried and used all the normal start off gear made with semi water resistant cotton and i still use that when i know that i am going to be up and sometimes over my boots in grass, water and sh!t etc etc but i like the Deer Hunter Trousers plenty of room and gortex lined and brilliant whilst standing in the Pn rain or in a High seat But as said by others have a feel of the material and do rub it together as some so called Hunters clothing are just not designed by hunters or shooters.

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    I have the Harkila pro suit with the short jacket and the longer version, which is fab, comfortable and dry, I would also look at the Nomad tweed stalking suit, traditional and excellent quality and comes in multiple options, 3/4 length and binoculars front pocket, very comfortable and quiet. Laksen and Blaser have also good options specifically for stalking, endless options, but as you said you pay for what you get....

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