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    Adapter for moderator

    I have a mod on my 22-250 its a sako 85 with heavy fluted barrel, i Need a mod for my 22 hornet calibre wise its a match but the hornet has a standard barrel thread, question is can i buy an adapter with internal thread to fit the hornet an external thread to fit the mod???? I know the thread suzes are needed but just had a brain flash on how i could use the same mod on both guns and was wondering if there is a product out there or will i have to make one???
    Cheers in advance

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    Haven't seen anything like this - if you've got the opportunity and skill I'd make one - one thing I would do though if I needed one would be to have a knurled diameter going back over your barrel on your hornet from the shoulder about 15mm's worth, so you can unscrew it off afterwards (in clearance, over the barrel obviously) - may also be a good idea to harden and temper the adapter too
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    you need to buy a mod like a wildcat evolution where you buy 2 threaded sections for the one mod,

    using a threaded nipple will leave it possibly in the mod and not on the barrel, fitting the larger thread to the 22-250 could work but there would be no support if you were using an over barrel mod for the rear bush, if the thread is loose for a forward type mod you could have alignment issues

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    Hi Ray try here they made me a 1/2" unf to fit m18x1 UK Custom Shop Ltd, Incorporating WildCat Custom Rifles atb Craig

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    Cheers for the sugestions guys im going to have a word with the guy that threaded my rifles as i have the design but want to run it past a gunsmith first, a new wildcat mod is only 120 so may not be worth it

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