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Thread: mannlicher sm12 sx

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    mannlicher sm12 sx

    for those who have got the sm12 or had one, whats your thoughts on them

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    Hi Rem284

    I am a great fan of the Steyr range, just upgraded my pro hunter in .308 to the SM12 the last caliber to do, very rugged and ergonomic design, improved stock stiffness with a fore end that fits a bipod very well. The push safety works well with all types of stalking/hunting. The action is very slick and smooth more inline with the older 69 action Steyr made some time ago.



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    That sounds good, I had the old 69 action and was very happy with it. I was forced to part with it(bosses idea). I had a 260 prohunter 2 with was very accurate but I hated the stock. I would like to see a sm12 in the flesh. I dont really understand the safety. I take it that you can chamber a round without have the rifle cocked, then pushing the safety forward then cocks it ready to fire

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    I have a .260 Steyer pro hunter 2, I changed my stock to a Mcmillian SBS stock. Very accurate rifle I use this as my go to rifle. This is the only one I have not changed to the new style.



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