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Thread: Deer Tray for SWB Mitsubishi Shogun

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    Deer Tray for SWB Mitsubishi Shogun

    Does anyone have any ideas regarding where to get a tray for a Mitsubishi Shogun SWB. I am looking to put fallow in the back, Mitsubishi do a tray but they do not fit the latest model. Anyone know where I can get a custom fitted tray or a decent carcase tray to suit?


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    Bush wear sell them mate. I just ordered one for my car. Fallow tray 29.99

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    Plasterers bath from almost any builders merchants, normally a choice of white or black and around 30.

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    Home Bargins dog bed 5.99 ,easy take a Fallow .If your worried about mess n gore puppy training pads are big and absorbent and disposable atb
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    +1 on the builders bath , my son had one in his swb mits.

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    Yep builders bath is the way to go.

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    Go and find a hydroponics retailer. They do a whole range of sizes of trays the largest being about 15 and will cope with a fallow.


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    I got one of these:
    I can't remember who I got it from and how much it cost - 40-45 sticks in my mind. It is more expensive than my mates children's sand tray, but I can use it to drag out a carcass and it keeps the car clean.

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    I use a large Fish box that I found washed up on a beach on Skye. It has six drain holes, but these are easily plugged with some epoxy putty. Have used it with Roe - two in there easily and also Red Hinds. Its solid, robust with good handles for carrying.

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