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Thread: .22 Air Rifle pellet found in my Roe Buck

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    .22 Air Rifle pellet found in my Roe Buck

    Just eating a nice bit of saddle off that Roe Buck from last week and I found something hard. Turned out to be a .22" waisted air rifle pellet . Poor bugger it was in deep too .

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    Not suprised, air rifles need to be licenced like firearms. too may muppets about with air rifles. i have found air rifle pellets in my poultry, pheasants, partridge, ducks and even foxes i have shot.


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    What on earth is someone going to achieve by shooting an air rifle at a deer??

    Could they have even began to think that they might kill it???

    What a complete muppet!!

    Another day when i'm suprised about what some people will do!! Perhaps i am naive??

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    That's ridiculous, everyone knows you need the penetration of a .177 to kill a deer humanely!
    I'm often finding shotgun pellets and rimfire bullets in animals.
    Senseless wounding!

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    Let's not start calling for licensing of air rifles as a knee-jerk reaction though.

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    There are more than a few keen gardeners who use air rifles to keep roe and munties off their prize roses etc. I do not think that many people realise how powerful air rifles can be, having been shot with one myself when I was a kid, I do! And then of course there are the muppets that do it to see what happens.

    I started shooting with an air rifle and I am not sure that I think licensing is the answer, just a selective cull

    Blindness to suffering is an inherent consequence of natural selection. Nature is neither kind nor cruel but fiercely indifferent.

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    Exactly. how many of us started off with air rifles in the back garden?

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    Hi All,
    Duggers and myself were out after Muntjac last week,he shot a very nice beast but when i started skinning it all the way down the saddle and left flank were these shotgun pellets,and judging by the size of them i reckon they were 6 shots.I reckon this lad had a run in possibly with a pidgeon shooter.It never ceases to amaze me,that supposibly responsable shooters think that they can have a pot at deer with a shotgun,and wonder why it dose'nt drop on the spot.They are not responsable,and they dont understand that it is futile to try and shoot any deer with such light shot!!.In the past they have used aaa buck shot,but half these so called sportsman dont know this.What they need to see is some of the deer and the state of them,where they have been peppered and the wounds are full of flies and going rotten on the poor beast.then maybe they would understand.
    Ian 308.

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    I did wonder I it was a Rose grower? even said so to Mother who is "supposed" to be a keen gardener......................... Only when it's warm and dry .

    Anyway the pellet was in deep so it was from a decent powered one to get that penetration.

    As we know legislation won't stop the criminals nor the morons.

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    I used to know the butcher lads in our local Game dealer and they used to collect all the bits and pieces they found in the deer.Every now and then I would get a box full of scrap metal .You can immagine the assortment I would get ! And yes I did get a crossbow bolt!! (head plus 2 inches of alluminium shaft .) Airgun pellets often ,chrome BB,s? etc etc .
    I just wish I had kept them all .
    They also gathered up shattered bones that had knitted together and bones with bullets still in them that had healed again .All interesting stuff at the time .
    If you know the guys well its worth asking them to collect for you ,then turn up to collect then every few months(with a few cans of beer ).

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