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Thread: 4x4 driving, Marques and feedback.

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    4x4 driving, Marques and feedback.

    Just some feedback on 4x4's and off-road driving:
    Yesterday I did a 4x4 course in my own vehicle (Nissan Patrol GR, with BF Goodrich A/T tires) and my brother did the same course in a company 4x4, a Land Rover Discovery, on off-road mud tires. The company being Whitecliff 4x4 in the Royal Forest of Deen. ( )
    It was great to learn that my 17yr old car, which I have driven for three years, was a lot more capable than I expected. The problems I have had in the past were due to driver error, not the (old) technology. Some nice new techniques were learned such as how to get out of a swampy area when your wheels dig in and you think you are well and truly stuck; negotiating steep slippery muddy slopes; adverse camber tracks; recovery from a steep incline once stalled, etc. etc.
    Some interesting findings: The Nissan Patrol was more capable going downhill, was a lot more spacious and comfortable, and would be the choice off-roader of one one of the instructors over a more modern Land Rover any day.
    But the Land Rover Discovery coped better uphill and with the mud tires could do adverse camber tracks which my Nissan Patrol wasn't even allowed to try.
    The differences in capability were caused by the different set-ups of the Differential Lock. (Don't ask...I am not a techie)
    Pushing the instructors to declare their 'ideal' off-roader, the clear winner was the Toyota Landcruiser. Typical stalkers 4x4 pick-up trucks (Hi-Lux, Navarra, L200 etc.) didn't stand a chance due the rear- leaf springs causing off-road limitations.
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    not at all surprised - the Landcruiser is the default off road vehicle right around the world. In station wagon format - aid workers and bosses, and as a van or pickup for everything else. Quite why Toyota don't sell the Landcruiser pickup in the UK beats me - it is so much better than the Hilux both on and off road - always has been.

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    I was working with Kenya wildlife rangers back in 2007 doing some road construction in the aberdares national park, after what can only be described as a quick monsoon type downpour, our landrovers were buggered and slid straight off the roads with zero traction, this included a 6x6 aveling barford road grader, the Toyota land cruisers the Kenyans had flew through the mud with no dramas. I'd buy one if I ever had the cash and import it, amazing wagons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn View Post
    It's threads like this that make me miss RED-DOT
    he's probably just gone to spec savers for a new set of landrover rose tinted specs , he'll be along soon I'm sure
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    Well just to deputise, I'm a fan of Land Rovers, but to be fair, I try to leave the rose tinted specs off.

    Land Cruisers are the choice of off-roaders in most of the world's dodgy places and there's a reason for that. They are indeed very capable off road and have a good reputation for reliability. They took over from the old series Land Rovers and the Defender a good few decades ago.

    As for pickups, they have some advantages in that they are (generally) cheaper and, stating the obvious, have a differing load space. But their off road ability is indeed compromised by their rear suspension arrangements and the lack of grip at the rear when not carrying any load. They are the only game in town though if you want to mount any serious weaponry on the back of a car-like vehicle. Possibly not a consideration for the majority of SD members.

    As for Land Rovers, from the end of this year, the Defender is no more anyway. What the replacement's capabilities will be is yet to be seen, no doubt depending on what market it's aimed at. Although the rest of the range have good off road capabilities for their class of vehicle, the only other one with any real claims to be in the serious off road club is the Discovery. Which in it's latest guise is (shock horror) proving somewhat reliable and indeed does well in the rough stuff. However, it's more of an executive plush car now. A more affordable (ahem) version of the Range Rover. I've got a Discovery 4 and I actually feel bad when I take it across fields and onto muddy tracks. (doesn't stop me though). But again that model is due for replacement (possibly 2016) so who knows what the next one will be like.

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    Ha, I know what you mean. I keep ever so nearly upgrading to a D4, but every time I go near one I remind myself how much more utilitarian the D3 is and it's precisely that which means I drive it God alone knows where without a care in the world. The D4 is lovely, but just a bit too shiny.

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    Just done another 4x4 course run by work using a Nissan Pathfinder and a VW Amroc its the best working day I've had Learned a lot too. particularly forward planning and usually the vehicle is capable with minimum input, especially the brakes. Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom270 View Post
    Just done another 4x4 course run by work using a Nissan Pathfinder and a VW Amroc its the best working day I've had Learned a lot too. particularly forward planning and usually the vehicle is capable with minimum input, especially the brakes. Tom
    Go to a trial and watch blokes that can drive 4x4's, you'll notice brakes being used a lot. You've been taught primarily to drive off road without harming yourself or others, not specifically how to get through rough terrain.

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