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Thread: expired shotgun certificate

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    expired shotgun certificate

    Somebody i know has apllied for a shotgun renewal but his current one has run out before it has been granted.The police have told him to hand his keys to his safe to another certificate holder (me)
    Not sure if it is his fault or theirs .I am pleased the firearms officer is giving him a bit of leeway and i suppose if he no access to the shotguns then he is not in possession but i do feel it is strange as he could have a second set of keys or have all the time in the wrold to get into the cabinet

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    The chap needs to ask for a tempery certifacte which should be issued ASAP by his FLA. the leeway you speak of is not good at all and i think you will find is not legal unless you take the shotguns he owns onto your certificate. i could be wrong but this sounds like INCOMPETENCE to me on behalf of the FLA. I would consult the HO guidelines carfully on this matter, you could (or your friend) be heading trouble.


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    I think there is something about loaning shotguns, but that (I believe) is for a period of less than 72 hrs, which wouldnt cover his certificate being renewed.

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    yes you can loan a shotgun to someone with a SGC for a period of upto 72 hours, 73 hours + and you need to inform the police that the SG is in your possesion, the same process as if you where to purchase them yourself. i have never met a FLA that can or will issue a new certificate within 72 hours, i would expect it has taken alot longer already for the current SGC to expire. the tempory cert is issued quikly and was created for (amoungst other's) exactly this sort of situation. having someones keys i think is infact illeagle, even if you are a fellow SGC holder, it all sounds very dodgy to me.


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    Another example of the Police making it up on the hoof. Your mate needs to request a Temporary Permit, ASAP. Quite a few forces resist issuing these - probably because it shows up in their stats and may be an indicator that the Firearms Dept isn't doing a proper job? They may try and fob him off, but if he has submitted his renewal in reasonable time he should press the issue. If he has left it late to get his renewal in then he may have to make other arrangements. I certainly wouldn't take possession of keys for someone else's cabinet - you don't know what you are letting yourself in for....and the FEO is bonkers for suggesting it. Has he not heard of taking a key bit impression?

    I suppose the obvious question is, has your mate got any decent guns worth nicking? A couple of decent H&H sidelocks in that cabinet and it may just be worth thinking about ......

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    a friend of mine had same problem so we just trasfered his gun to my ticket till his renewal comes through then we can transfer it back.....job done.

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    Sounds rubbish to me. Strictly speaking he is in possession of a shotgun illegally, could be prosecuted and needs to get it lodged with an RFD sharpish. Once he has done that he can take it easy.

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    Thames valley are now sending renewal forms 4 months in advance and you get a date to get the forms in by.If you fail to return forms by this time and the expiry date comes before the renewal is done,then you will have to surrender the guns to another certificate holder no exceptions

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    Quote Originally Posted by howa243 View Post
    Sounds rubbish to me. Strictly speaking he is in possession of a shotgun illegally, could be prosecuted and needs to get it lodged with an RFD sharpish. Once he has done that he can take it easy.
    Rather than pay RFD storage charges, simply transfer the shotguns to another SGC holder as 'on loan'. Enter details on the recipients SGC and both must write to the firearms dept. to inform them of the fact. Job done and no question of a snarky attempt at putting anyone beyond the law - although I can see how tranferring keys to the expired certificate holders safe would achieve the same provided the paperwork had been completed.

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    I went through this once and asked BASC for advice. I was told on no account to ever send in my old certificate, just a photocopy, and keep a copy of your renewal form.

    If you ask them, your firearms department should issue you with a temporary certificate, they do not like doing this as it flags up their department is not performing as it should and the Cheif Constable gets notified. I will have a look on the web to find out what the temporary certificate is called.


    Edit; If you have returned the forms in good time and are experiencing delays which may put you in possession of firearms or shotguns when your certificate expires, then ask for a Temporary Permit to be issued under Section 7 of the Firearms Act 1968. This allows the holder to keep and use his firearms and shotguns and also to purchase shotgun cartridges.
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