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Thread: Ok, this is for you German Glass guys.

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    Ok, this is for you German Glass guys.

    I need a scope for my A bolt 7/08. I saw a Swarovski Z3 3x9x36 for $779.00. Looks like a dandy and better than anything I have had up till now. Question, will it hold it's zero when changing magnification? For those that know what they are talking about, what do you think about this scope. I also saw a Zeiss Tierra 2x7x33, for $300 bucks. It looked like a steal at that price. I looked through it in the store; it was clear as a bell. Thoughts? Save the high and mighty comments, my Vortex binos prove that some of the stuff from Asia can be good. Danka.
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    A Swarovski will hold zero regardless of the magnification they are up there as one of the best

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    Once zeroed it will be same on any mag - Swaro over Zeiss for me at the least for future value
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    I love my one, never lost the zero yet


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    Both good optics but Swaro would be my pick. Swarovski service & back up - second to none IMO.
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