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Thread: Blaser R8 factory Ammo

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    Blaser R8 factory Ammo

    Anyone had problems with 95g 243 super performance recently, I started using this in my 243 R8 and originally 12 moths back it was ok at grouping, but recently it's all over the place, very sporadic and not even close.

    I was starting to think it was my new moderator from Simon Lawrence, but I moved over to the Sako gamehead 100g and to my relief, back to the clover leaf, so my question is has any had a similar problem, or any other suggestions to the most suitable Ammo for my R8.

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    I had a box of 308 when I bought my sauer a few years ago, not sure of the weight. Anyway they were all over. I use sako game head as does my mate who has a blaser R8. I gave him what was left and he still sticks to the game head 123 gr. these seem to suit both rifles.

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    Thanks, Looks like I will stick with the Sako game-head, unless I see any other better suggestions, I will have to try them in my 308 and see if I obtain the same results.

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    Hi Moonstone
    I also can confirm the 123grn gameheads also work for the R8 .308 short barrel.

    Cheers Aye

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    Just switched to 123 sakos in my 308 R8. Very happy..

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