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Thread: Have I lost the plot !

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    Have I lost the plot !

    Hi folks,

    Have I lost the plot?

    I've been stalking a particular Sika stag on and off for a couple of months. A right wily fellow. Been close to the animal at least 4 times but on each occasion I either had no safe backstop or he winded me or sensed me somehow. last I managed to gain the full advantage and after initially sighting him and getting a positive ID, I stalked him to around 40 mtrs ish which took around an hour. He was tucked in behind a fallen tree with 2 hinds laying up further back. I could only make out his legs whilst he was moving very slowly out of the cover, grazing as he went. The sky was very overcast, the wind was in my favour doing about 15 klicks. I put the sticks up ready and just waited patiently in case he presented.

    1 min. went to 2, 2 went to 5 and 5 went to 10 until finally he cleared the cover enough to get a clear broadside.

    Rifle was up and ready.......he was in the scope sweet and clear, breathing was relaxed, safety off...........just about to pull the trigger when the sun came out from behind a small gap in the clouds and lit him up. He was just a perfect felt suddenly very quiet, very serene almost, like a sort of religious feeling. I could hear the odd bird singing which I hadn't noticed before. Do you think I could pull that damned trigger..........could I hell as like.

    I watched him for about 5 mins. and just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger and execute the 'coup de grace'. I eventually slipped the safety back on, left him alone with his 2 hinds, dropped back into deeper cover and quietly made my way back to the truck.

    It's now up to you lot to answer the question ?

    Have I lost the plot ?

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    In my view, no. My signature gives a clue to my attitude.
    KevinF -

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    plotto lostos
    it's times like this you need your camera/camcorder
    please try harder

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    No, It is the difference between a stalker and someone who just wants to kill deer. There are plenty who don't care. My mate was saying today that he is thinking of kicking Scottish stalking into touch. He is being offered cull work where the only criteria is to kill deer to protect trees. No thought to deer welfare, herd selection, shoot it if you see it stalking. Plenty will take it on but don't call it stalking,

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    I think you should take up bird watching.

    Nah seriously good call mate you proved enough by getting that close and still not being detected,it's not always about pulling the trigger.
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    Nothing wrong there mate. Just great to see these magnificent creatures we have in there own enviroment.
    A lot of prople will never see half of what we witness when out stalking.


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    No you are a stalker not a killer, there are people who call them selves stalkers, but all they are interested in is pulling
    the trigger.

    I dare say there will be some who cant understand why you didn't take the shot, but I think there will be a lot more who do.

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    Your call to make RG and you made it - and you know you haven't lost the plot. A good tale to tell and a lesson to others.

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    Did something similar last week end, l had seen a young roe buck and it took about 20 mins to get into it found a nice lie for a prone shot and the beast was broadside perfect textbook stuff, looked at it down the scope and being a younger animal was still in velet it struck me that although it was only a 4 pointer what such a good animal it was so decided to leave it, l sat and watched it for a while then moved on further down the wood l had stalked through, by this time a young red stag had come out of the wood opposite and was feeding his way towards me. Now we have been trying to reduce the numbers of red on the ground and knowing this would probably be the last opportunity this season l took him, whilst l was sorting out the red the young buck and 4 other roe including a nice clean 6 pointer was all within 100 yds of me, they sure know when they are not in immediate danger dont they.

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    I've left far more Deer than I've shot. You don't have to shoot all of them!

    I like reading posts like this. It shows you have a deep respect for your quarry rather than just being out for blood.

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